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"We envision a world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places we encounter. Building meaningful connections across cultures enables us to respond to diversity with curiosity, appreciation and respect. The appreciation of diversity spreads tolerance and creates a global community."

some people who surfed our couch:

Steven LeBlanc surfed our couch Mai 2011 and some time 2014

Steven LeBlanc He came with his bike.

it is the bike
of his dutch friend,
who will be visiting
him next (in the US)
and borrow Steven's
bike there.

His two best friends were
to marry soon and he was
going to attend their wedding.
So he was quite surprised to find
this signboard showing him the way.

When he got there
the police had just
cracked down on the
noisy wedding guest,
carting them off
to the station!

So, as time went by
he decided to visit
us & Berlin

You see,
I'm living since 4 years
with my partner Angelika near
Berlin, but have never been
there for sightseeing
until Steven came.

The only thing I knew so far,
was the Hauptbahnhof
(main station).

Steven is rather good with his camera.
He's observative ...

... with a knack for different angles!

We got really fancy offers for city-tours on different vehicles ...

... and finally decided to get a good view from above.

former East

former border

former west

Well, you haven't seen Berlin without the wall. Though there is not much of it left to see, they sort of maximized it.

That is approximately,
how it looked like those days.

This is exactly,
how it looks like today.

And here's the usual run through the centuries, in case you miss it.

The oldest building of berlin

the Nikolai Church

and one of the youngest ones

the Sonycenter

the Red Cityhall

the Reichstag

and yes, Steven was here

In the heart of old Berlin we found evidence
for extremly high levels of CouchSurfing activities.

We're proud to present the
namestag collection of Mister Alfred Germann.

He has most painstakingly preserved
every single namestag of
every single


that ever passed by his establishment,
located at

77 Sunset Strip!

homepage Steven's NETTwerk

Armand and Dora

armand and dora One day they came with their car - late, quite late, due to unintended sightseeing caused by their devious GPS.

armand We had such a great time that Armand started drinking & smoking again.

And that's no joke, too!

Here's the proof:

Tsz Lin Hong

Tsz Ling Hong

in case you get a couch request from him, i recommend not to miss the opportunity to host this unique mix of gentleness and guts! he came by on his way from Hong Kong to London (walking!).

"I am spending one year walking from Hong Kong to London as a charity to collect donation for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Meanwhile I hope to spread the concept of great unity to all places I reach. I am glad to have received support from UNHCR to make this happen." (Tsz Ling Hong )