Whatever the average antibiotic can do, the Oil-composite can do as well. Due to it being oil-based it reaches deeper fat-containing tissue: nerve-cells (including brain & spinal cord), articular mucosa as well as the fatty tissue beneath the skin and between the internal argans. The "working" ingredient is active oxygen in form of ozonide (1,2,4 Trioxolan). Oil-composite not only fights Borrelia, but any infectious issue caused by bacteria, viruses, amoeba & other protozoa, fungi and/or larger parasites (worms, flukes, ..).

Please note: A healthy intestinal flora (symbiotic microorganisms) works rather anaerobic (without oxygen) in the small intestines and rather aerobic (with oxygen) in the large intestines. An imbalance of the intestinal flora often reacts favourably to an oxidative stimulus with oil-composites, especially when combined with a scheme of guided symbiosis, for example using EM-Probiotics.



Sizes (brown glas bottles)

30 ml
with dripper
50 ml
with dripper
100 ml
with dripper
250 ml
stock bottle