There is no reason to be afraid:

Lyme can be cured !

However, it requires some vitamins that are hard to come by: A & L
  • A represents Awareness
  • L represents Love
Please become Lovingly Aware of to the following information !

The symptoms of Lyme are caused by metabolic waste products of Borrelia bacteria, not by the bacteria directly. The "stool" of Borrelia is toxic to us, containing toxic substances that our body has difficulties to eliminate.1 As an emergency measure, in order to ensure survival, our body stores these toxins in places where they cause the least damage possible. Since Borrelia toxins are fat-soluble they can only be stored in fat-containing tissue. If there is no spare tire (thin people) or the spare tire is already "occupied" there is no other way but to store them in nerve cells in the synovial mucosa of the joints. The result is one of two Types of borreliosis or a mix of both:
  1. Lyme disease
  2. Neuro-Borreliosis
After initial infection antibiotics usually succeed in making the symptoms go away. At least they won't become worse. At this point many people develop a resistance towards Borrelia. But in some cases after a few month or a few years there will be new waves of infection. They typically come in the course of the lunar month peaking around full moon, and with each wave the symptoms will become a little worse and stay worse. Borrelia has gone into hiding and remained there until the effects of the antibiotic wore off. Then the bacteria came out of hiding and started multiplying again, Lyme becomes chronic.

New antibiotics again stop the reproduction of borrelia but do not lessen the symptoms. After all killing Borrelia will not remove their toxins. That has to be done separately with the help of a specific detoxification protocol. Quite a number of such protocols exist. The one described here is based on the root of Fuller's teasel (foto left) and makes a distinction between acute and chronic stage of Lyme.
  • acute stage: Borrelia multiply and produce toxins, symptoms become worse
  • chronic stage: Borrelia are inactive, no additional toxins are produced and symptoms remain at present level

Acute Stage - kill Borrelia

As long as Borrelia are reproducing, something must be done to kill them. Not everyone can tolerate antibiotics for ever. On the long run the liver becomes weaker with each course of antibiotics. In case this is you, try the Oil-composite. Here is a protocol that works for all kinds of infections including Borrelia. Another alternative is CDS (Chlor-Dioxide-Solution), the next-generation-version of Jim Humble's MMS.

Chronic Stage - detoxify

When Borrelia are inactive you should use the time for detoxification. A protocol based on teaselroot you'll find here. This protocol refers to other products besides teasel. They all help the body to get rid of the Borrelia toxins. Picture it like this: The toxins are a big snow slab. Taking teasel is like stepping on the slab, the snow comes down in an avalanche and just lies around blocking all transportation. Here the detox-helpers set in and help to remove the snow; they are shovels and wheelbarrows and make the clean-up more effective:
  • Liver Magic supports the liver in it's daily chore of cleaning the blood.
  • Zeolite binds toxins in the intestines ensuring their leaving the body along with the stool. Especially fat-soluble substances like Borrelia toxins are mistakingly reabsorbed into the blood. That happens in the large intestines as part of the bodies recycling efforts.1 (footnote is to the right)
  • Effective Microorganisms supports the intestinal flora that suffers from the impact of antibiotics and to a minor degree from oil-composite.
  • Jiaogulan tea soothes the nerves and helps to go to sleep; especially thin people may experience this difficulty along with other symptoms of nervousness.
Note: With the exception of Liver Magic the other detox helpers or similar products can easily be found and purchased in your own country. However you can purchase them all together under the name "Tickbite-Kit" in our shop. klar

Switching back & forth

from acute to chronic to acute to chronic to acute to ...
  1. In many cases, especially in the beginning, teaselroot is like poking into a wasp nest: inactive Borrelia will become active, a new wave of infection is triggered, sleeping Borreliosis turns acute. At this point taking teasel should be discontinued for the sake of killing Borrelia.
  2. The moment Borrelia becomes inactive (chronic stage) resort back to the teaselroot.
  3. Switching back and forth between teasel and oil-composite according to the situation (chronic or acute state) lessens slowly the intensity of the infectious waves and enlarges slowly the time interval between those waves until they finally fade out.
  4. This may take many month. The weaker the immune system the longer it will take.
  5. Be patient as long as your condition improves, even if it happens very slowly.
  6. Should your condition fail to (slowly) improve or even get worse the protocol might not work for you.
When seeking therapeutic support, which you may need, find someone who has practical experience with cleaning his/her own nerves. Otherwise they can not understand you. Their capacity to understand your problem depends on having it experienced themselves. If this is not the case there is a tendency to consider you a hypochondriac and recommend you for psychiatric treatment.

Borrelia are gone, Borrelia toxins are gone, but I'm still on my toes ! 2

In case you feel like that, the time might have come to address the pre-existing conditions which enabled Borrelia to make themselves at home in your body. After all significantly less than 10% of Borrelia infections become chronic. What are your weak points? In order to patch up the loopholes in you immune system one or all of the following may be necessary:
  • search & eliminate toxin-containing-foods from your diet (narcotics, pesticides, food chemicals, ..)
  • search & eliminate toxins from your body (heavy metals, organic solvents, ..)
  • search & eliminate toxin-containing-products from your home (cosmetics, body-care, building materials, ..)
  • search & eliminate toxin-containing-products from your work
Which measurements are required and which are not, differs from person to person. There is no general "to do"-list and you will not find more detailed information on this website. However, a radical point of view along with equally radical suggestions can be picked up from Dr. Hulda Clarks book The Cure of All Disease.

Based on the accumulated experiences in the course of purging their own body of Borrelia und Borrelia-toxins, many people have re-activated our inborn capacity to unterstand the subtle "live"-information our body tries to get through to us every day (bio-feedback). By trial and error they have learned to recognize and implement what is good for them, stay away from whatever does them harm and - probably most vital - not to pay to much attention to things that aren't important.

This kind of learning is not limited to the physical body but includes emotions, thoughts und even more subtle issues like personal integrity and belief systems. The increasingly experienced unity of body, mind and soul makes you receptive for the vitamins Attention and Love. To the degree you are capable of allowing yourself to be guided by A and L, the path to rid yourself step by step of Lyme, along with all underlying issues, will unfold from within. It won't happen in a day, but it will happen.


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1 Enterohepatic circulation is the medical term for this process. Some of the ingredients of our digestive juices are hard to come by and/or difficult to make. They body retrieves them from the large intestines into the blood in order to re-used them. Unfortunately other substances - for example Borrelia toxins - are retrieved along with the wanted ones. The liver filters the Borrelia toxins again out of the blood and passes them along with the bile into the intestines. There they again get reabsorbed... Since the body is unable to get rid of Borrelia toxins, it stores them where they cause the least (!) damage.

2 Once "cured" many people try to resort to their former lifestyle only to find out that is it not possible - at least not completely. What remains is a kind of increased sensitivity towards food, people, emotions and all other aspects of life. Things that had been "below radar level" before are now above. For good and for bad they can no longer be ignored. Nerves have been cleaned with the probably unexpected side effect of enhanced perception. It isn't so much life that has changed but your perception of it. Everything keeps "looking different", though you may have just wanted to get back to normal as fast as possible. There is only one advice I can give - get yourself to like the new "normal". Face the fact that you have undergone some involuntary evolution and celebrate it the best you can. You have already changed. Now use the opportunity, unwrap the present you didn't ask for und learn to appreciate it. It's golden, you just don't see it that way yet.