Teaselroot - alcoholic extract

Fullers teasel (Dipsacus fullonum, syn. D. sylvestris):

The Teaselroot extract is being produced in Germany, cultured and harvested according to the principles of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophic Society. The fresh root of the biannual plant is harvested at the end of the first year - in late autumn, winter or early spring. During the second year the plant grows above the earth, while the root becomes increasingly fibrous and loses its medicinal properties.

Within 24 hours the harvested root is being cleaned, carefully cut into pieces and put into a sealable glass container, where it is immersed in alcohol. After having matured in a warm place for three weeks, the extract is ready for use.

The root of Fullers teasel is an old European remedy against tick-born relapsing fever, today called Borreliosis, Lyme-disease, Deer-syphilis or neuro-Borreliosis. Please note, that the symptoms of all forms of Borreliosis are caused by the metabolic waste products of the Borrelia, not by the bacteria itself. When Borrelia has successfully been killed, it's toxic waste products remain and continue to cause the symptoms until they themselves are removed from the affected tissue (nerves, articular mucosa). The special capacity of Fuller's teasel is to remove these toxins rather than to kill the Borrelia (though it does that too).


When treating chronic forms of Borreliosis (where the bacteria is in hiding), the person may slip back into the acute stage (where the bacteria becomes active in boosts). If that happens, I recommend to immediately stop taking teasel (but continue with the detox-aids) and start killing the re-emerging Borrelia. Stop it and take up the teasel again as soon as the Borrelia-boost has been successfully terminated. This may have to be done repeatedly off and on. For killing Borrelia I recommend the Oil-composite, because it is oil-based and therefore reaches well the affected lipophilic tissue (nerves, articular mucosa).

Both Teaselroot and Oil-composite often cause Herxheimer reactions (detox-symptoms). The body than needs help. In most cases the detox-aids contained in the tickbite kits should suffice.

Teaselroot Extract Sizes:

50 ml
with dripper

100 ml
with dripper

200 ml
stock bottle

500 ml
stock bottle

recommended reading:

Healing Lyme Disease Naturally: History, Analysis, and Treatments
by Wolf D. Storl, Matthew Wood und Andreas Thum.

Tickbite Kit

how to use



  • Starting with 1 drop teaselroot and increasing 1 drop daily up to 30 drops, the small kit is designed to last 1 month. It is also meant for you to find out how and whether the kit works for you.

  • The large kit starting with 30 drops teaselroot is designed to last 2 month. By that time you will also find out which incredients - according to your individual needs and preferences - you need more, which ones less or not at all.

  • Depending on the severity of the case the duration for getting rid of all Borrelia-toxins may take quite a number of month. If you are not sure whether it is still working for you, take a break of 2 weeks and start again. If it doesn't make a difference you're either through or the kit doesn't work for you any more. It it makes you feel better continue until your doubts grow again; just make another 2 weeks break and find out again.









1 kg




Why LiverMagic-Artemisia ?

2015 the Nobel Prize for Medizin was partly awarded (50%) to the Chinese pharmacologist Youyou Tu for her fundamental work on Arteminisin as active agent against Malaria. Meanwhile Arteminisin has also proven to be effective against other kinds of infections and is being widely used in cancer treatments. the herbal source for Arteminisin is Artemisia annua which has been added to the basic LiverMagic in a substantial amount (33%). This makes it more costly and I think it's worth it.

Why Oil-composit (optional) ?

Borrelia forms a biofilm which protects them from antibiotika and oil-composite alike. Under the film the are inactive, a kind of hibernation. As soon as the immune system gets very busy working on a health issue - for example the removal of borrelia toxins that have been mobilized by teaselroot - the dormant borrelia seize the opportunity to come out und become active again (multiply). The oil-composit is then needed to kill them and/or force them back into hiding.

Tick removal tool

removal without squeezing the tick

Upon being squeezed by fingernail, picers, etc., in the attempt of removal, the tick "vomits" into the bite wound. Like mustard out of the bottle its intestinal content is squeezed into the wound.

The removal tool is a miniature crowbar. The tool is slid under the tick like a crowbar under a nailhead. But instead of prising out the tick like a nail, the tool is turned anti-clockwise until the tick lets go. Because the ticks bite-organ has a thread (like a screw) it needs to be "unscrewed".

The bigger tool is 52mm long, the smaller 47mm. There are made of high durable plastic, near unbreakable, not too hard, not too soft.